Is Marketing Your Business Online Leaving You Feeling Bewildered And Confused?

If you're pulling your hair out from the lack of growth in your business, bewildered by all the technology and paralyzed with confusion, you need the help of a strategic marketing partner.

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M Baildon - JRA Services
My definition of 'Professional' - delivering a service that far exceeds something you could do yourself. From designing the Website to hiring the...
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Neil Atkinson - Boro Roofing
Flowe Media have made the process so simple, clearly understood everything we wanted to achieve and we are very happy with the results,...
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Laura Cotter - BStreamlined
Had my first meeting with Flowe Media yesterday and it was a game changer! Can't wait to get going on Tuesday Julie, I am very excited!...
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ros hart manor heath hotel scarborough
R Hart - Manor Heath Hotel
They were exceedingly helpful and ensured that all bases were covered when creating our new website, from organising a very professional...

It's Not Easy Being Your Own Boss

Let's face it, becoming your own boss is tough. You start your business with the idea of getting more control of your life and what happens the day you start...You lose control!

Control of your time, your money AND your life.

It's not long before your initial passion fades as you realise the whole world isn't in a buying frenzy and beating a path to your door, even though you absolutely know your product or service is better than the competition.

In fact, watching inferior competitors grow faster than you is the nightmare you're made to relive again and again, day-in and day-out, and it's not fun.

Start Looking For Help

So what do you do? You decide to take valuable time off and look round for professional help, knowing you can't do it all on your own anymore.

Pretty soon it becomes obvious there's no shortage of advice and a million ways to build your business, and that nagging seed of doubt starts to creep in and the confusion cloud descends.

I mean there's a never ending stream of advice on things like social media, branding, finding your voice, SEO, Google Adwords, Unique Selling Proposition, Facebook advertising, blogging, content marketing, video marketing, landing pages, copywriting, web design...(WTF!)

Where do you start?

Is There An Simpler Way?

But what if there was a proven framework to systematically build your business, and what if that framework included all the tools and support you'd need to help you make your business the success you dreamed about when you first started. 

Imagine where you'd be, what you'd be doing and how you'd be feeling right now if that was the case... 

Creating A Marketing Framework

Hi, my name's Jonathan Young and together with my business partner Julie Gibson, we've spent over a decade helping passionate, small business owners overcome their fear of marketing. 

After working with hundreds of clients across a multitude of business types, it's enabled us to pinpoint four critical areas to focus your marketing efforts. We've made this into a framework for measurable, positive results and a growth plan for the future for those willing to put in the work...

Now I'm not saying it's perfect, like most businesses we've made a lot of mistakes along the way. I'm pretty sure we'll make more. The point is, it frees your mind from all the marketing confusion, allowing you to focus on what's important; building strong business relationships, having happy profitable customers and, most important of all, a plan for the future.

But before I show you our unique marketing framework and the tools that glue it all together, I guess it's a good time to introduce one of our clients. I'll let her tell you, in her own words, the kind of experience you can expect when you choose us as your marketing a partner...

 "I still look at it and am amazed that it's my website"

"I met Julie in a local coffee shop and spent just over an hour answering her questions and telling her about my business, me as a person, the services I offer and a few stories from my experiences.

She took it away and they did their thing. There were a few little emails, checking details, me sending logos, writing an FAQ. Julie organised professional photography for me with a really good photographer. Other than that the process was entirely hands off for me.

I didn't have to chase, I didn't have to worry or even think about how it was going.

Then I saw the preview. Wow! I still look at it and am amazed that it's my site. To me it is of a quality I'd always considered reserved for the big companies, not us small independent businesses. 

There were a couple of small changes that I asked for after seeing the preview, but they were because of the evolving nature of my business at the time, addition of services, a new logo added. They were done straight away.

Going live took a few quick calls with Julie for her to talk me through some admin that I needed to do, and that was it, we were live.

I can not thank Julie, Jon and the team enough. Exemplary service, amazing end product and complete peace of mind that I now never have to worry about my website again because they will look after the website and marketing for me."

Clare Ebison
Ebison Safety Solutions


strategic marketing r4 process

R4 Marketing

We help businesses grow by
implementing and optimising
marketing systems in four critical
areas: Reputation, Reach, Resell and Referral

R1. Reputation

80% of consumers said they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
- Local Consumer Review Survey 2015

reputation marketing

What are people saying about you?

Reputations take a long time to build, but they can be badly damaged with just a few stray comments from unhappy customers. 

Flowe Media develops marketing systems that:

  • Systematically enhance your reputation
  • Decrease the impact of any negativity about your brand in the marketplace
  • Position you as the preferred choice in your local market

“Recommendations from personal acquaintances or opinions posted by consumers online are the most trusted forms of advertising.” – Nielsen Research

R2. Reach

Did you know?

95.91 percent of all clicks occur on page 1 of Google, and the top three positions deliver 58.4 percent of traffic.

And there are over 24 MILLION daily active Facebook users in the UK to advertise to.

marketing reach

Do more people know about you today than yesterday? 

Flowe Media develops marketing systems that:

  • Target your marketing efforts to the right audience
  • Get your name in front of more of the right prospects each day
  • Keep you front-and-centre in the marketplace so you aren’t forgotten

R3. Resell

“Would you like fries with that?” 
– the most profitable cross sell ever

resell, cross sell and upselling

Are you maximizing the value of your existing customers?

It takes time, money and effort to acquire new customers. Why not capitalise on your investment by focusing on those who are already buying from you?!

Flowe Media can help you capture more revenue per customer by developing marketing systems that:
  • Up sell new customers
  • Cross sell your complimentary products and services
  • Increase the average lifetime value of your customers

R4. Referral

41% of businesses count on referrals for over 80% of sales.
- ActiveRain


FACT: Referrals spend more, convert better and shop faster

But there’s a catch: Even if your customers love you, they’re not likely to recommend you to their peers unless you ask them to. We can help you create systems and campaigns that:

  • Generate more referrals
  • Get the good word about you spread virally in social media
  • Enhance your overall reputation in the marketplace

You don’t need to passively wait for your customers to spread the word about your business! We can help you promote and channel positive buzz to boost referrals and increase sales activity. 


Each one of the following products works great on it's own, but when you start to stack them together your results start to compound

ReviewFlowe- Automated Review Management Software

Word of mouth has always been the lifeblood of all small businesses to increase leads, conversions and sales. So do you have a system for building, monitoring and managing positive reviews?

ReviewFlowe is our proprietry software which makes review getting and sharing as simple as adding a customers name and email into the system. From then on the process is automated through email to acquire and share positive reviews and catch negative reviews before they get on the internet.
SiteFlowe- Your New Website & Content Marketing Platform

We'll not only design you a direct response, lead-capture website, we'll also build it on SiteFlowe, a premium website building and content publishing platform. SIteFlowe has the basics...
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Optimised
  • Social Media Icons
  • Contact Forms
  • Image Galleries
And much more...

SocialFlowe- Your Social Media Monitoring, Managing & Publishing Dashboard

SocialFlowe is a simple to use tool to manage and monitor your business on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Easily schedule text and image posts, monitor mentions and reply to questions from your customers and leads, all from one dashboard.

Don't worry if you're new to social media, we can do all or some of it for you until you are confident enough to take the reins.
MailFlowe- Here's How To Automate Your Marketing

If used properly, email marketing has proven itself as the number one channel for return on investment, with some studies showing a £30 return for every £1 spent. MailFlowe makes email marketing push-button simple...
  • Automated follow up engine
  • Beautiful Responsive Designs
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Instant Promotions
  • Simple To Use Online Dashboard
And much more...


A Refreshing Change

"It was so refreshing speaking with Jon as he is not solely focused on extracting money from us, which is sadly what I find with many businesses I deal with nowadays".

Colin Hillier  - GKS Properties (Google Review, 2015)

They Keep Us High In The Google Rankings

"Always ahead of the game with new ideas and designs they have helped keep us high in the Google rankings. If you want a friendly, efficient and cost effective company then look no further."
Ed Blakeley- Atlanta Hotel (Google Review April 2016)


hand shake

Together we’ll go far

We prefer to partner deeply with our customers to help them achieve their business goals and dominate their local market.

Before joining forces with us, we ask that each and every one of our partners understand their role and responsibilities. Keeping this pact means understanding and being responsible for the role you play in the success of your business.

Flowe Media's Role

Research, create and deliver proven marketing systems that enhance your Reputation, Reach more of your target audience, Resell your products to increase the lifetime value of each customer, and generate more Referral business.

Your Role

Engage with Flowe Media's team of experts; share your goals and challenges openly; provide us with information we need in a timely manner so that we can execute our services and deliver swift results; and do your part to promptly capitalise on the interest generated by our campaigns.


Unlike most other web-design and marketing companies we don't just throw a lot of services your way hoping you might pick a couple. That's for amateurs and a recipe for disaster for all involved. 

Instead we see building a business a bit like baking a cake. It's not good enough to just have the raw ingredients, you're also going to need the right tools and a proven recipe to follow if you want success.

If you just try and throw all the ingredients together without following a recipe, then you're probably going to end up with a sticky, gooey mess. And without the right tools the job becomes almost impossible and will definitely not produce the best results.

And That's Where The R4 System Comes In...

  • First of all we're going to find out about your business and your objectives
  • Then, using our proprietary R4 Marketing Framework and aligning with your business goals, we'll work out what parts of your business needs help first for the biggest, positive financial impact.
  • Over time we'll help you hone your R4 System until you have a well oiled marketing machine working towards your personal and financial goals.

Your Next Step...

Book A Strategy Session

We'd love to talk over any marketing ideas you're thinking of implementing and offer you some sound advice. 

With over 13 years online experience, we've got plenty of knowledge and hands-on experience about what works and what doesn't. Just give us a call...
South: Call Suffolk Office North: Call Yorkshire Office
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