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By Jonathan Young 11 Jan, 2016
Video is fast becoming the predominant way people search for information online. You may not know but YouTube is now the second most used search engine behind Google.

Because of this it makes sense to use this as a marketing tool for your business. As you can see from the video on this page I created a review video for a client, uploaded it to YouTube and it was ranking on page 2 of Google in just 17 minutes. Try doing that with a web page full of text.

Not only do videos rank fast, they also have very high click through rates because Google shows a very visible thumbnail image of the video, making it impossible not to see.

If you'd like to see how we put together a review video, here's the one I refer to:
By Jonathan Young 16 Oct, 2015
I've been putting this off for a long time now, but needn't have worried.

You know the feeling. You turn on your computer and open your email and just sigh in dismay at the amount of emails you have to deal with in your inbox. Over time the odd newsletter sign up builds into an avalanche of daily emails and it seems you spend more time deleting the ones you don't want than reading the important ones.

Well, I reached that point again and resigned myself to hours of going through them and clicking the unsubscribe button in each one; not something I was looking forward to.

Anyway, after about the twentieth unsubscribe I thought to myself someone, somewhere must have built an app to make this a simple task, so I fired up Google to make a search and hey presto, I found a free app which did just this.

UnrollMe is as simple as it could possibly be to clean up your inbox in just a couple of minutes. You simply add your email address and this tool scans your inbox for your newsletter signups, and as you can see from the screenshot above, it found 665 subscriptions in my inbox.

If I'd done this manually, it would have taken me a good couple of hours, maybe more. But this will never be an issue again. click a few buttons and hey presto, your inbox is clean as the tool automatically unsubscribes you.

They'll even send me an email with all my subscriptions I still want in one email, how cool is that.

Currently, it works with (including Hotmail, MSN, & Windows Live), Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud.

Here's an interview with the founder and a quick demo of the tool...

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