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We work with passionate small business owners to increase their leads, sales and conversions by providing the one thing people are looking for today...
Trust through Proof

Jonathan Young
Julie Gibson
Client Success Manager
James Cooke
Full Stack Developer

Strategic Marketing For Your Business

Hi, my name's Jonathan Young and together with my business partner Julie Gibson and long-suffering developer, James Cooke, have spent over a decade helping passionate, small business owners get and keep more customers.

After working with hundreds of clients across a multitude of business types, it's enabled us to pinpoint four critical areas to focus your marketing efforts. We've made this into a framework (R4 Marketing Framework) for measurable, positive results and a growth plan for the future for those willing to put in the work...
Now I'm not saying it's perfect, we're always adding new 'stuff' to the process. The point is, using the R4 Marketing Framework frees your mind from all the marketing confusion, allowing you to focus on what's important; building strong business relationships, having happy, repeat customers and, most important of all, providing a simple framework showing you which parts of your business needs work next.

Using the R4 Marketing Framework you can expect to see 25% - 300% growth in your business over a 1 year period.
Neil Owens - Podfit
"Within a very short space of time, Jonathan had nailed down my perfect avatar of who my perfect client was and devised a powerful website message to deliver to that avatar.

What I liked most was the outcome, but how we got there was also amazing. Jonathan is clearly an expert in asking the right questions to help you see what your core message for your business is.

He enables you to see your back story, your unique offer and who you really want to do business with and he makes the process fun almost.

The R4 Coaching call left me so inspired and motivated, that I prioritised the importance of implementing his message to the top of my list and I stopped everything I was doing and acted immediately on the call outcomes."

Putting It All Together

Unlike most other web-design and marketing companies we don't just throw a lot of tools and services your way hoping you might pick a couple. That's for amateurs and a recipe for disaster for all involved. 

Instead we see building a business a bit like baking a cake. It's not good enough to just have the raw ingredients, you're also going to need the right tools and a proven recipe to follow if you want success.

And with the right tools, introduced at the right time, to fit in with your strategy the chances of succeeding have increased greatly.  The last thing we want for you is to end up with a sticky gooey mess.

And That's Where The R4 System Comes In...

  • First of all we're going to find out about your business and your objectives in a one-on-one R4 Coaching Call
  • Then, using our proprietary R4 Marketing Framework and aligning with your business goals, we'll work out what parts of your business needs help first for the biggest, positive financial impact.
  • Over time we'll help you hone your R4 System until you have a well oiled marketing machine working towards your personal and financial goals.
Kirsty Bortoft - Award-Winning Coach
"The R4 Coaching Call gave me a clear direction forward to add value to my potential clients and how to be more specialised.

Jon's marketing knowledge is incredible. He creates clarity in simple and clear steps for your business growth. He also has a fantastic personality which makes the journey fun.

The call was fantastic value and I've learnt lots, got a plan of direction and feel much clearer and more confident on moving forwards with my business.

 I'd highly recommend his program."

The Pact: Partnering For Success

hand shake

Together we’ll go far

We prefer to partner deeply with our customers to help them achieve their business goals and dominate their local market.

Before joining forces with us, we ask that each and every one of our partners understand their role and responsibilities. Keeping this pact means understanding and being responsible for the role you play in the success of your business.

Flowe Media's Role

Research, create and deliver a proven marketing framework, systems and tools that enhance your Reputation, Reach more of your target audience, Resell your products to increase the lifetime value of each customer, and generate more Referral business.

Your Role

Engage with Flowe Media's team of experts; share your goals and challenges openly; provide us with information we need in a timely manner so that we can execute our services and deliver swift results; and do your part to promptly capitalise on the interest generated by our campaigns.

The Process: What You Can Do Next?

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