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"My definition of 'Professional' - delivering a service that far exceeds something you could do yourself. From designing the Website to hiring the professional photographer and copy-writer, FloweMedia exceeded all my expectations. Very, very pleased" - Matthew Baildon, JRA Computer Services

Introducing SiteFlowe

A Website Built Around Your Message, Not The Other Way Round

With SiteFlowe, we build your website around your content directly to the web and give you access to see it develop and test it out. Not only do you get access to see it develop and test how it all works, all the code and marketing modules a small business requires have already been built and installed. 

This means we can build websites quicker, to more exacting standards, and use the extra time to tweak the design to make each page work with your content and increase conversions.
SiteFlowe Preview App Examples

Below are a few of our recent launches, just click on a link below to see how each site looks in desktop, tablet, and mobile views. Please wait a few seconds for each site to load.

Mobile Responsive Design

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Optimised

If your website is not optimised for the mobile searcher you are losing money to your competitors every single day, and it will only get worse. According to Google, 61% of visitors will abandon your website if it isn't optimised for mobile because pinching and zooming through a site is a pain. How much is this costing you?
When you realise 30 - 50% of your visitors are coming from mobile devices, you can appreciate this is a revenue hole in your bucket which needs plugging straight away. All website built with SIteFlowe are mobile responsive as standard.

Increase Conversions With DWP

siteflowe cms website platform
In the 'real world' you give a personlised service to each customer. Now your website can do the same! it's called Dynamic Website Personalisation or DWP for short and until now has only been available to companies with very deep pockets.

This means your website can change to meet peoples' individual needs by date, time of day, device type and even where they are based on their location leading to happier visitors and increased conversions.

By Location

How about giving a special offer to only those people who are nearby and using a smartphone to find you? For a local business, this could be the enticement making them choose you over competitors.

By Holiday

You know how important times of year are, so we can set your website up to display a holiday offer. How about an Easter offer appearing front and centre for a few days before and after?

By Time Of Day

What if you could have the lunch menu appear at the top of the homepage between 11am and 2pm or a happy hour notice between 4 and 7pm. or even a contact form when you are closed.

Increase Visitors With SEO
(Search Engine Optimisation)

When your website is set up for greater conversions, it's time to increase the number of visitors to your site. High rankings in the search engines are one of the very best ways to keep a consistent flowe of interested visitors and with a SIteFlowe website it's built right in for you for lasting results.
  • Local Keyword

    140+ Searches Per Month At Google

  • National Keyword

    1300+ Searches Per Month At Google

  • National Keyword

    Between 6-800 Searches Per Month On Google

  • Regional Keyword

    70+ Searches Per Month On Google

"What Jon doesn't know about SEO and online marketing isn't worth knowing. Jon set up my blog and helped me on my online marketing journey with invaluable SEO advice which has helped me gain superb rankings and, through greater online visibility, helped me gain several awards for my blog." - Sally Ormond, Briar Copywriting

Optimised Page Titles

One of the most important SEO factors is the title of each page on your site. We make sure these are coded in with the <title>Your Page Title</title> title tag for complete control

Meta Descriptions

With coded meta descriptions you have control over what content is delivered at the search engines when visitors conduct a search. An interesting meta description gives you a better chance of a click.

SEO Friendly URL's

It's a fact. If your website has friendly url's then it makes it easier for the search engines to rank you higher and makes it easier for humans to navigate your website.


Informs search engines which pages should and shouldn't be indexed. With thin content playing a big part in having your site penalised by Google Panda, this gives you great control to rank high.


A specially coded page to inform search engines what pages to crawl. This helps search engines index all your optimised pages quickly without missing anything important.

Vary: user-agent

Informs search engines your visitors will receive different content depending on their device type they are using when on your website.

Detailed Website Stats

website analytics

Increase Your Conversions

You can't improve something without detailed information. With SiteFlowe stats you can get a birdseye view of how well your website is doing.

It's a simple to use dashboard where you can work out how well your website is performing and see where improvements are needed. It can show how many visitors you're getting, what content they like and dislike, whether your CTA's (Calls To Action) are working in your favour and even where people are first finding out about you. Plus much more.

Pre-Built Marketing Widgets

Site widgets are specially prepared to enhance your website and make it easier to engage, inform and convert your visitors into happy customers. Unlike other Content Management Systems, these are already built and ready to incorporate into your website. You won't have to pay for expensive coding and worry about updates and security as they are built specifically to integrate seamlessly with the SiteFlowe platform.

Click to Call

One-click calling from mobile devices making it easy for visitors to contact you.


Integrates a Google map with step-by-step instructions on how to find you.


For regional businesses who want detailed mapping for their shops or office locations.

Automated Offers

Automated coupons/vouchers which can be scheduled to turn off and on when you want.

Restaurant Menus

Turn annoying PDF menus into an interactive digital format making it easy for visitors to find and view without having annoying downloads.

Custom Forms

We make your forms enticing and beautiful, so visitors want to fill them in. After all, isn't a contact what you want someone to do?

Image Slider

They say a picture says a thousand words, so adding a swipeable image slider to your website can make it simpler to show off your business.

Social Icons

Easy to find icons to your various social channels make it easier for visitors to connect with you using their favourite communication channel.

YouTube Video

YouTube is the second most visited search engine in the world. We can add any videos to your website.

Twitter Feed

Want to add your Twitter feed to your website? No problem. Just gives us your Twitter url and it's done.

FB Comments

Give visitors the chance to comment through their favourite social site without having to leave your site.

Facebook Albums

Got all your photos on Facebook? Now we can incorporate your albums right into your site.

Share Buttons

Want to make it easy for people to share your content on their favourite networks? Our share widget makes this a reality.

Like Buttons

Get people to 'like' your website without leaving. When they do, all their friends get notified. It's like word of mouth x 10.

Exit Intent

Catch them before they leave! We detect when a visitor is about to leave and serve them a reason to stay.

Future-Proof With Advanced Website Architecture

All Sites Built On The Zurb Foundation, The Most Advanced Responsive Framework In The World!

Zurb has been at the bleeding edge of responsive design and set out to radically improve a visitors' experience of a website, no matter what device they are using.

Instead of trying to make a desktop platform perform for mobile with sticky tape and plaster, we'd rather use the right platform to future-proof your business.

Speed & Performance

Although we use the common term 'responsive web design' we've taken it a step further. All our websites benefit from an advanced technology known as RESS, allowing us to create different, dynamic experiences to visitors based on the device being used, speeding up page load times and helping with SEO.

Amazon Cloud Hosting

If you want the best hosting in the world, it's best to get it from one of the busiest websites in the world. All sites are hosted on the industry leading Amazon Cloud and all images, pdf's and docs are served form a Global CDN making sure your website visitors get the fastest experience.

Website Backups

There's nothing worse than losing all your hard work which is why we make continuous backups of your website. Not only can we bring it back instantly, we can also bring back versions that we saved from different time frames. Prefer an older version of your site, no problem.

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